Plate Armor

Medieval armour has a great popularity in the modern world!

This section is for real men who are ready to transform instantly by purchasing our armor to their liking. Plate armours of our website are suitable for historical re-enactors, people who are interested in participating in knightly tournaments, in SCA combats, LARP, and for those who are willing to buy the armor for the interior.

Medieval full plate armour. Since prehistoric time people tried to protect their bodies from the blows of the enemy. And even if you do not imagine yourself as one of the Knights of the Round Table, it is always possible to use the armor for the medieval interior.


In subsection full plate armor, you can see a variety of armors that were used in different eras. Examples of full plate armor are: the armor in Churburg style, steel English full plate armor, steel gothic full plate armor, as well as blued gothic full plate armour. All armors are handmade, are crafted ​​to individual customer’s size, taking into account all his wishes.

Helmets. Artfully manufacturing the metal, we offer a wide selection of helmets. In the primitive world such products were too expensive, that’s why for a long time they remained inaccessible to most warriors. Now, looking at modern helmets made of composite materials with built-in radio transmitters and receivers, it is difficult to imagine that they were completely out of paper.

Cuirasses, breastplates and gorgets. One of the major components of the old protective equipment that covers the torso of the person and is made ​​of metal or any other hard material is certainly cuirass.


Fingered and mitten gauntlets. I think all of you know that over time fashion returns. So it was like this with mitten gauntlets. In the early 16th century with the advent of armor with maximum reliability and protection, mitten gloves were practically driven out with mitten gauntlets. But not for short while. Already in this century, due to the proliferation of firearms, mitten gauntlets returned to the peak of popularity.


 Plate shoulders. Plate shoulder is a part of your armor, which, no matter how trivial it sounds, protects shoulder and neck.

Shields. Shields helped the soldiers to repel the attacks of cold and small arms. And if coming back with a shield from the battlefield was an honorable fame for each warrior, the returning over it defeated bore only full extent of loss for his close people.